Do you know how powerful you are?

I believe we have the power to heal if we give ourselves the support to do so. For ten years I’ve practiced as a fully qualified naturopath, reiki master and spiritual mentor. Time and time again, I’ve seen how life’s challenges can be transformed into an opportunity through a blend of mysticism, creativity, science and practical natural healing tools.

Whether you’re experiencing major stress and burn-out or struggling to express yourself creatively, together we’ll create a personalised healing plan. A natural, nourishing and deliciously soulful plan that helps you feel empowered.

I treat lots of health issues – but more importantly, I treat the person, you. Who’s had a very unique life experience and set of variables that doesn’t always follow a text book formula.
If you prefer a more nurturing approach, woven with spiritual concepts alongside evidence-based naturopathy keep reading…

Why book in a session?

Stress & Anxiety

I’ve helped many clients who feel stressed and overwhelmed to live a calmer and more grounded life. We’ll explore why your stress is occurring, what your triggers are, and create an achievable treatment plan with tools to help you cope better with the stress you’re faced with.

Creative Blocks

You may be a creative professional and frustrated with barriers that get in the way of your creativity – stress, anxiety, fatigue, self-doubt, competitiveness, comparison, lack of motivation and fear. I’ll give you guidance around how to manage these blocks when they occur so that you can allow ideas to flow again and get back to what you’re passionate about.

Women’s Health Issues

You may experience PMS, an irregular menstrual cycle, period pain, or have had a recent diagnosis of PCOS or endometriosis. I’ll help you bring relief and manage these conditions in a holistic way – rather than a ‘bandaid’ effect. This is long-term health management that is loving and supportive….because as women, we absolutely deserve it!

Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy

There are many reasons that can cause chronic fatigue such as adrenal exhaustion, underlying metabolic issues, poor nutrition, as well as lack of boundaries, chakra imbalance, and spiritual disconnection. I’ll help you get clarity on the reasons why, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

Digestive Issues

I’ll help you understand why your digestive symptoms may be occurring, guide you towards the correct pathology tests, dietary intake, naturopathic care, emotional support, lifestyle changes and spiritual practice to then create an individualised healing and treatment plan that brings the relief you need.

Spiritual Mentoring

If you’re desiring a deeper connection to yourself and others or wanting to establish a spiritual practice and not sure where to start, let’s make this a priority. I’ll teach you how to listen to your intuition and help you build spiritual and emotional resilience in times of need.

How Skype Sessions Work

In our sessions we’ll be communicating via Skype, a free online video call service. All you need is a computer and wifi connection. If you don’t already have an account, go to and create one – it’s free.

I recently chose to practice exclusively online after 8 years of practicing out of a shared clinic setting with limited availability.

Offering sessions via Skype enables me to continue to provide the same naturopathic support as in-person with the bonus of being able to widen my availability, and offer convenience for you – particularly if you’re not local to Melbourne, are not feeling well enough to visit a clinic, have small children and/or work office hours.

Some people are new to online sessions. If this is you, let me reassure you that the emphasis on your session is for me to listen to your health needs and develop an individualised healing plan for you so that you can take steps towards feeling well. Skype is a wonderful technology that enables us to do that together, no matter where we both are in the world.

Appointments are available AEST Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you are outside of Australia we can arrange an appropriate time.

Q. How much and how long are the sessions?

Initial naturopathic sessions are $150 for 1 hour
Follow up sessions are also $150 for 1 hour or $90 for 30 minutes

Payment is made in AUD via bank transfer, credit card or paypal.

Supplement and functional pathology test recommendation costs vary – I always factor in a clients budget into their treatment plan. Health rebates are available with most Australian health funds.

Q. What do I expect from an initial session?

Once your session is booked in, I’ll send you information to fill out, then I’ll be calling you at your session time. Firstly, I’ll be asking you lots of questions! This helps me establish your current and previous health status so that I can begin developing an individualised healing plan for you. We keep it relevant to your presenting issue and where necessary may explore diet, supplement review, work/home environment, time management, relationships, creative blocks, life direction, self-care, exercise, meditation and spiritual practice. If required I may refer you to relevant pathology testing or other modalities. Most times, there’s lots to cover!

Q. What would I expect in my healing plan?

After your session I’ll be emailing you a healing plan that contains all the naturopathic recommendations and suggestions we would have chatted about + links to other goodies relevant to your healing.
I use my 10 years of training, experience, research and intuitive guidance to select the best remedies and regimes for short and long-term issues. This involves herbal medicines, nutritional therapy, flower essences, spiritual guidance, mindfulness practices and lifestyle changes. As for supplements, I can create a patient ordering account for you through a service that dispenses practitioner only supplements and delivers them within a few days. Alternatively I can recommend products you can purchase local to you. All of this info will be in your plan.

Q. What happens next?

It’s all up to you! Whether you want to dive deep into your plan and follow all the guidance at once, or take it slow for the long-haul, is completely your decision. Depending on your needs, I will suggest a follow-up session which we can book in.
In your following sessions you get to discuss how things have been unfolding for you over the weeks and whether any new symptoms or life challenges have occurred. This is the best time to ask all the questions that have cropped up during this time and I am able to refine your treatment plan and provide appropriate guidance and direction.

Q. How often should I book in?

This is individual and applies to your current situation. Most regular clients see me every 2-5 weeks depending on whether they desire spiritual guidance, supplements review, symptomatic relief or a preventative healthcare approach. But if you’re feeling well, it’s absolutely ok to see me less, say every 2-4 months to keep you on track and connected to your healing.

Q. Okay I’m ready and excited! How do I book in?

Great! I am so happy for you, committing to your health is one of the most self-loving gifts you can provide yourself.

Scroll down to the bottom – fill out the booking form and press send. I’ll reply with a handful of available times and we’ll book you in.

Let’s do this!


“More Energy”

“I credit Melinda for helping me regain freedom, energy and wellbeing; both physical and mental. I had suffered a few health complaints for several years that many traditional doctors couldn’t alleviate; but Melinda made it happen. She’s welcoming, honest and incredibly mindful of what is best for you… particularly with realistic timeframes and budgets. Melinda is the best!”

Gabrielle, Stylist and Art Director

“Improved Mood and Spiritual Awareness”

“Throughout my sessions with Melinda, I have become aware of how deeply committed she is to guiding her clients towards healing. I leave my sessions lighter, mood shifted, unblocked and feeling a greater connection to universal energy.”

Sally, Teacher and Illustrator

“Reconnected to Intuition”

“I feel so blessed to have found Melinda. Her loving kindness and sensitive awareness has allowed me to unveil and pursue a path that is lit by the trust and wisdom of my spirit. Melinda practices without judgement and holds the ability to delicately balance naturopathy with multifaceted holistic healing.”

Lily, Sustainability Manager

“Self-Discovery & Purpose”

“Many years ago if I had been told of the journey I was to embark on when I began Melinda’s sessions I would have struggled to believe it. I initially sought advice in regards to my diet and nutrition and the ways in which healthy living could be incorporated into my busy lifestyle. I had this reoccurring feeling that things were ‘not quite right’. Melinda’s approach was gentle yet informed. Beginning with my physical health, new concepts and ideas were translated in an inspired and accessible manner. I was looking for a purely physical solution but with Melinda’s knowledge, help and support I have been able to journey to the centre of myself, to look at my life and begin to heal, to learn to love and embrace every element of my physical and emotional being. I take these discoveries and apply them to my everyday life, which is more joyful and inspired as a result.”

Emily, Film Locations Coordinator

“Committed to Self-Love and Healing”

“I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Melinda. I had recently experienced one of the most challenging times of my life, my energy levels were low, I had a variety of health issues, and strained relationships with various people. Initially I went to Melinda for a naturopathic consultation and discovered that everything is connected. Melinda delicately explained that my physical state was related to my emotional state. She has taught me to let go of many things and express love. I now try my hardest to express love, to practice daily affirmations and meditate. This, in addition to the naturopathic herbs I take are healing me physically and emotionally. I can honestly declare that all my relationships are mended, and my body and mind are in the process of healing too.”

Mary, Meditation & Life Coach

“Better Relationships and More Fun!”

“I remember the first time when I started seeing Melinda there was a lot going on with me. With her guidance and immense love of her work today I’m a better me. I am a better Mum, my relationships with everybody has heightened to a new and fun-loving level. Melinda help’s with what you are ready for. She is very intuitive, insightful and non judgemental, she is a guiding angel without wings. I absolutely love the work Melinda does and and I love her energy, thank God for having given me the opportunity to have met her.”

Nurdan, Mother of 3 & Spiritual Seeker

“Transformational Life Direction”

“Melinda has been an enormous inspiration to me as I’ve been working my way through prerequisite coursework to get into medical school. I have been accepted into a four-year naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University in Washington State (in the US). I am so happy and ready to start on this adventure. I’m tearing up a little, as Melinda’s warm heart, generous help and great mind did truly inspire me to strike off on a different path, and I thank her for that.”

Lauren, Medical Student (USA)

“Soul Nourishment”

“Melinda has helped me learn to trust my intuition and to set much needed boundaries. She has guided me through a number of challenges, for which I will be forever grateful. Her presence and gentle words are so nourishing to the soul you can’t help but feel like you are on cloud 9 after just one session.”

Evette, Mother of 2

“Deep Understanding of Healing”

“You know what’s rare? Walking into a room and feeling like the weight you’ve been carrying around for the last month has magically been lifted off your shoulders. That’s how I feel every session. I’m quite picky when it comes to finding the right type of treatment and practitioner for me and I’ve spent years searching for someone who truly understands the things I’m going through, mentally, physically and emotionally. What makes our sessions so special is that Melinda’s not afraid to share her own journey and health issues, which always helps me feel less alone in whatever it is I’m going through. The time I’ve spent with her has been eye-opening and beneficial in ways I can’t put into words. She has a way of tapping into the energy that flows through us all, and on many occasions she has pointed out things that have previously eluded me. A beautiful human and talented healer: she is patient, centred, kind, non-judgmental and most importantly, completely honest.”

Nadja, Publicist

“Emotional Strength & Self-Forgiveness”

“During my healing sessions with Melinda I felt as if an incredible weight had been lifted. More lasting was how emotionally and mentally stronger I felt, free of chains of old I had placed, and replacing with love and forgiveness of self. I have nothing but praise for Melinda, I recommend her highly for her sessions – placing you on your road to healing.”

Kim, Health Food Store Manager


Appointments are available AEST Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you are outside of Australia we can arrange an appropriate time.

Let’s schedule in a session! Fill in the form below or email me at and we’ll arrange a time that works for you.