My life is Mystical. Creative. Pleasure filled…

In the last seven years I’ve completely transformed my life. I’ve deeply connected to my purpose and am continuously fascinated by what the universe throws my way. I’ve had esoteric experiences that have shown me that life is not only the physical world we sense, certainly not in the common limited view that I was brought up with.

We have the most incredible self-healing mechanisms within our beings that just need a helping hand. We have all the intuitive guidance inside of us that also need to be listened to and followed. I’ve learnt this from personal experience and from observing patients over the last ten years. Healing comes from within and I am still mind-blown by the results that come from this practice.

In 2007 I completed my four year degree in Health Science and Naturopathy. I learnt from some of the best, particularly in western herbal medicine, to which I am still so very passionate about. I spent the next few years practicing and applying evidence-based naturopathic medicine. I got great results, up to a certain point. I still felt there was something vitally missing in my approach to healing, I needed something that would help my patients transform their health issues on a deeper level, for long lasting healing. Through universal synchronicities, I was guided to learn Reiki and meditation. My view on health was flipped upside-down.

Being attuned to Reiki completely changed me. Dramatically. A key unlocked a part of me that was waiting patiently to be revealed. I had experiences beyond ordinary senses. I developed intuitive insight into my patient’s health and experienced symbolic visions during my sessions that guided them to heal.

Unsurprisingly, the physical healing coincided with a quest for creative exploration where I set out to study contemporary dance, delve deep into music, writing and styling alongside my naturopathic practice. A second business naturally followed, Positive Pop Creative, with my talented partner who is also a writer and photographer. Together, we create visual content for brands and magazines, both locally and internationally.

Both businesses have helped me become a lifelong student of creativity and healing. I have had to unlearn a lot of childhood conditioning and needed to move through some challenging experiences. But this allowed me to create new beliefs about life.

I’ve healed from many chronic health conditions including glandular fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, severe acne, debilitating period pain, endometriosis and depression. And not all through naturopathic treatment. Many of these illnesses were tied into growing up with shame, particularly as a woman, experiencing emotional trauma and feeling completely unheard. Creative outlets and giving myself permission to seek pleasure, be vulnerable, a passionate feminist and make some brave life choices were the deepest parts of my healing. And I healed. I’m hoping you can do the same.

I’ve learnt that healing and stripping back the layers never stops, it’s a vulnerable journey to create more room in your life for having a Damn. Good. Time.

Does this resonate with you? Read about my naturopathic healing sessions, fill out the enquiry form and let’s get you feeling awesome again.