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I’ve been a naturopath and reiki master for over 10 years. I help people like you find relief from stress, anxiety, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, PMS, endometriosis and creative blocks. Book in for a Naturopathic session and I’ll help you transform your health in the most empowering way.


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I’m here to inspire you to unleash the divine within, your inner creative genius, your mystic punk. Book in for an online Naturopathic session and I’ll help you transform your health and creativity in the most powerful way.


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The 21 Day Detox

Kick! is an easy-to-follow detox and recipe ebook designed by a qualified naturopath (that’s me!) to help you introduce the habits that nourish your body and kick the ones that don’t…

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“Soul Nourishment”

“Melinda has helped me learn to trust my intuition and to set much needed boundaries. She has guided me through a number of challenges, for which I will be forever grateful. Her presence and gentle words are so nourishing to the soul you can’t help but feel like you are on cloud 9 after just one session.”

Evette, Mother of 2

“Transformational Life Direction”

“Melinda has been an enormous inspiration to me as I’ve been working my way through prerequisite coursework to get into medical school. I have been accepted into a four-year naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University in Washington State (in the US). I am so happy and ready to start on this adventure. I’m tearing up a little, as Melinda’s warm heart, generous help and great mind did truly inspire me to strike off on a different path, and I thank her for that.”

Lauren, Medical Student (USA)

“More Energy”

“I credit Melinda for helping me regain freedom, energy and wellbeing; both physical and mental. I had suffered a few health complaints for several years that many traditional doctors couldn’t alleviate; but Melinda made it happen. She’s welcoming, honest and incredibly mindful of what is best for you… particularly with realistic timeframes and budgets. Melinda is the best!”

Gabrielle, Stylist and Art Director

“Reconnected to Intuition”

“I feel so blessed to have found Melinda. Her loving kindness and sensitive awareness has allowed me to unveil and pursue a path that is lit by the trust and wisdom of my spirit. Melinda practices without judgement and holds the ability to delicately balance naturopathy with multifaceted holistic healing.”

Lily, Sustainability Manager

Get more energy and vitality!

Whether you’re experiencing exhaustion, stress and burn-out, fed up with IBS and digestive problems, or would like relief from period pain, PMS or just feeling average, together we’ll create a treatment plan using nutrition and diet therapy, herbal medicine, flower essences, reiki energy healing, spiritual counselling and mindfulness practices.


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