Being a first timer to Reiki, Melinda instantly made me feel safe and at ease and she took great care to explain to me about this practice and what we might achieve through Reiki. Throughout my sessions with Melinda, I have become aware of how deeply committed she is to guiding her clients towards healing; she approaches them with care, support and works from a place of a love. Her practice is informed by her rich skill base, professional experience and years of training. Melinda has given me thoughtful and accurate advice that supports and guides me towards healing and my life purpose. After these healing sessions, I also have a better understanding of how to continue healing. I leave my sessions with Melinda, lighter, mood shifted, unblocked and feeling a greater connection to universal energy.
I feel so blessed to have found Melinda. Her loving kindness and sensitive awareness has allowed me to unveil and pursue a path that is lit by the trust and wisdom of my spirit. Melinda practices without judgement and holds the ability to delicately balance naturopathy with multifaceted holistic healing. My physical and spiritual wellbeing has been guided through an irreversible transition and for that I am so very grateful.
Eight months ago if I had been told of the journey I was to embark on when I walked through Melinda’s doors I would have struggled to believe it. I initially sought advice in regards to my diet and nutrition and the ways in which healthy living could be incorporated into my busy lifestyle. I had this reoccurring feeling that things were ‘not quite right’. Melinda’s approach was gentle yet informed. Beginning with my physical health, new concepts and ideas were translated in an inspired and accessible manner. Encouraged, I had my first reiki treatment with Melinda and this experience transformed my entire outlook on my physical and emotional wellbeing. Until then I had considered the physical and the spiritual as separate but with Melinda’s guidance and healing I underwent a transformation. Melinda showed me that in order to heal your body you need to heal your heart and your mind. I was looking for a purely physical solution but with Melinda’s knowledge, help and support I have been able to journey to the centre of myself, to look at my life and begin to heal, to learn to love and embrace every element of my physical and emotional being. Melinda approaches her sessions with compassion, understanding and respect and I walk away from every session lighter in my heart and my mind. I take these discoveries and apply them to my everyday life, which is more joyful and inspired as a result. When writing this I made a humbling realisation through this small statement I wanted to speak some truths, some words from the heart and it is with Melinda’s help that I have been able to discover my inner truth and my strength, to live without fear and believe in myself. So these words are a testament to Melinda’s abilities to offer guidance and healing and assist in seeing the love and light within ones self enabling one to believe it, speak it and live it in everything that we do.
On my reiki experience with Melinda, I would have to say it was one of the most amazing and profound experiences of my life. From beginning to end i felt nothing but love, peace and respect. It was incredibly humbling and moving. Afterwards, I felt as if an incredible weight had been lifted from me, I said to a friend of my experience that I felt as if I was walking through marshmallow for days afterwards, everything was soft and gorgeous. More lasting was how emotionally and mentally stronger I felt, free of chains of old I had placed, and replacing with love and forgiveness of self. I have nothing but praise for Melinda, I recommend her highly for her reiki sessions – placing you on your road to healing.
I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Melinda. I had recently experienced one of the most challenging times of my life, my energy levels were low, I had a variety of health issues, and strained relationships with various people. Initially I went to Melinda for a naturopathic consultation and discovered that everything is connected. Melinda delicately explained that my physical state was related to my emotional state. Subsequently, I had my first reiki session and was truly enlightened to discover that I was not alone and God had provided me with support all along via Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. As a Christian, reiki is not something that is commonplace, however, Melinda expressed respect for my beliefs and highlighted a perspective that unites most practising beliefs..that is, LOVE. She emphasises that love conquers all. That love assists in letting go of the ego and unites all mankind with the universe. She has taught me to let go of many things and express love. I will try my hardest to express love, to practice daily affirmations and meditate and most of all to pray to my heavenly Father. This, in addition to the naturopathic herbs I take are healing me physically and emotionally. I can honestly declare that all my relationships are mended, and my body and mind are in the process of healing too. This is a lifelong process and I pray for eternal connection to a pure soul like Melinda.
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