Playlist: Women. Power. Feminism

Photo of Savages by Tom Hines

Playlist: Women. Power. Feminism.

Music is such an important part of my life. When I feel disempowered as a woman I’ll turn to these women for inspiration.

These women make music that evokes in me a state of being I’m always searching for. Feminine power. Forget pop ballads and happy singalongs. I can’t stand that stuff. I lose myself in music that I adore, music that is honest and powerful. Give me your heart, your darkest day. I want to hear about your experiences as a woman so that I can empathise with you and together we can shine light and love on the patriarchal shadow. And save the world one gloomy punk song at a time.

Let me share with you a playlist I’ve made featuring some of my favourite female musicians with more than their voices to share – from feminist post-punk of the 80’s to shoegaze dream pop of the 2010’s. Whilst not all alluding to feminism alone, these tracks exude feminine power, vulnerability and truth.

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